For those that may have blacked it out due to severe psychological trauma, there was a phenomenon in the 80s and 90s known by the name of Ernest P. Worrell.  This nightmare of idiocy began life in the world of commercials and slowly achieved such fame among rednecks, trailer-dwellers and valium addicts that he evolved into his own film franchise.  Nine of these atrocities were made and I still have nightmare flashbacks whenever I see a picture of Jim Varney, the actor who played Ernest.  Now, they’re trying to do it to us again – Ernest will be rebooted and given yet another movie.

The only problem, of course, is that Varney has left this mortal coil, so they can’t really pick up where they left off.  Instead, they will be concentrating on the titular character’s long lost son.  Appropriately, the new flick will be called Son of Ernest.  Here’s the teaser poster:

Scriptwriter Dan Ewen recently had a few things to say about the upcoming project:

Ernest was this plucky little engine that could — against all odds. Ernest struck a nerve, one we’re going to revisit. We plan to honor the originals and Jim Varney while birthing a new chapter that lies somewhere between not sucking and Earth-shatteringly funny.

I think just making it beyond the “not sucking” hurdle may prove too much for this return to what could be the worst franchise in history.  I will make sure to lock myself in the house when this thing finally hits the theaters, just to remove the possibility of accidently being exposed to it.

What about ya’ll out there in Nerdbastard-land?  You wanna see some more Ernest on the big screen?  Or is suicide the preferred option in this case?


Thanks to geektyrant for the early warning.

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