Filming a scene expected in the opener of Doctor Who Series 7, Part 2, Matt Smith and Jenna-Louise Coleman were recently spotted on a Triumph motorcycle zooming out of the TARDIS and across the London Bridge. An onlooker was said to have heard talk of a, “anti-gravity bike” which makes this rumor of The Doctor riding the anti-gravity bike to the top of the London Shard ring true.

Anyway, the more important detail spotted on set was the return of the fez! Yes, often thought of as the 11th Doctor’s favorite headgear though rarely seen since its introduction, the fez looks to once again be in action, although this time seen being held by new companion, Clara. Check out the new photos below,

I dig The Doctor’s new coat, what do you guys think? And is the fez making a comeback?

Source: Doctor Who TV

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