Beer Can Batman

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Above: What’s better than Batman? Batman made out of beer cans, of course! Japanese artist Macaon drank a whole lot of beer and soda to create this awesome caped crusader. Head on over to Geekologie to see more, including Darth Vadar & Super Mario.

This for real happened

So that happened. [TDW Geek]

Getting married is like jumping through a wormhole

We’ve had Tardis and Zelda engagement rings, now there’s a Stargate wedding band. The Chapa’ia ring by Wedding Band Designs with its 18k gold chevrons actually spins, just like a real Stargate. Stargates are real, right? [Fashionably Geek]

It’s not the internet without cats and we’re not a nerd site if we don’t mention Star Wars. Here’s a cat playing on an AT-ST. (My dog is jealous that cats get all the cool houses.) [Nerd Approved]

The third installment of The Cosplay Chronicles, this time featuring the Chainmail Chick. [Geeks Are Sexy]

Star Wars flash mob orchestra. They violated copyright! [ToplessRobot]

Bill Nye wants you to write the president! Nye, along with the Planetary Society, has launched a campaign called Save Our Science (S.O.S) to reverse the proposed 2013 budget cuts that will devastate NASA’s planetary sciences division. Check out the Science Guy’s video above and Save Our Science!

This Deadpool vs. NYCC defies comment and explanation. It is simply amazing. (Extra props for the Slenderman and Oogie Boogie cameos) [Dorkly]

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