Sparkle Vamps: The Television Experience

The Twilight franchise is one movie away from leaving us alone, crying, and longing for the sweet release of death or a Buffy re-watch. Hold the celebration, though, because… more Twilight is on it’s way.

Moviehole is reporting that either a TV show or a new movie series will spring up after Breaking Dawn 2 and it will be set in the current Twilight universe, but not featuring any of the characters from the movies or books. A spinoff featuring the The Wolf Pack is rumored.

I admit, it was foolish for any of us to believe the franchise would really come to a close; Lionsgate would never give up on a cash cow such as Twilight. The reality of the situation, though, just fucking stings.

The Vampire Diaries and Teen Wolf are already on TV, both of which handle the subject matter infinitely better than Twilight.  Also, when I was a kid, vampires were scary, now they are sparkly.



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