This is, to many, the franchise that should have died when Megan Fox got fired, but yet it continues to make so much money that Paramount and Dreamworks can’t say no to a sequel and then another.

With the sad news that Micheal Bay will once again helm a Transformers movie, Transformers 4 is looking for some fresh faces in what the studio hopes is the first of a new trilogy. Bay said this will be the first “in a new direction”, with the human lead of the film being a girl and her boyfriend will be the secondary eye candy; the reverse of the Shia LaBeouf and Megan Fox/Rosie Alice Huntington-Whiteley relationships of the last three movies. By the way, Mike, I am available.

Instead of going with some young and rising talent however, bay is looking for some unknown talent to step in and star and possibly wash his car during the casting process. According to Acting Auditions via Transformers Live the main characters are described as follows with a start date for filming:

“The female lead role is an 18 year old or above who can play high school senior age, and the male lead is an early twenties Texas race car driver who plays the female lead’s boyfriend. Shooting will take place in various locations beginning in April or May of 2013.”

An April or May start for next year means they’re trying to keep in time with the previously announced June 2014 release date. The only danger right now is the risk of hiring raw talent, it’s possible that whoever is hired isn’t ready for their big screen debut, but at least it isn’t as bad as dealing with the current talent. See what we mean after the jump.

Micheal Bay might have to book some new voice talent for Transformers baddie Megatron after Hugo Weaving, the current voice of the Decepticon leader, called his voice over work in the Transformers films meaningless in an interview with Collider. According to Weaving:

“That’s a weird job for me because it honestly was a two-hour voice job, initially. I was doing a play and I actually didn’t have time, anyway. It was one of the only things I’ve ever done where I had no knowledge of it, I didn’t care about it, I didn’t think about it. They wanted me to do it. In one way, I regret that bit. I don’t regret doing it, but I very rarely do something if it’s meaningless. It was meaningless to me, honestly. I don’t mean that in any nasty way. I did it.

It was a two-hour voice job, while I was doing other things. Of course, it’s a massive film that’s made masses of money. I just happened to be the voice of one of the iconic villainous characters. But, my link to that and to Michael Bay is so minimal. I have never met him. I was never on set. I’ve seen his face on Skype. I know nothing about him, really. I just went in and did it. I never read the script. I just have my lines, and I don’t know what they mean. That sounds absolutely pathetic! I’ve never done anything like that, in my life. It’s hard to say any more about it than that, really.”

This didn’t sit well with Bay, who quickly fired back at the actor on his blog saying:

“Do you ever get sick of actors that make $15 million a picture, or even $200,000 for voiceover work that took a brisk one hour and 43 minutes to complete, and then complain about their jobs? With all the problems facing our world today, do these grumbling thespians really think people reading the news actually care about trivial complaints that their job wasn’t ‘artistic enough’ or ‘fulfilling enough’? I guess The Hollywood Reporter thinks so.

What happened to people who had integrity, who did a job, got paid for their hard work, and just smiled afterward? Be happy you even have a job – let alone a job that pays you more than 98% of the people in America.

I have a wonderful idea for all those whiners: They can give their ‘unhappy job money’ to a wonderful Elephant Rescue. It’s the David Sheldrick Wildlife Trust in Africa. I will match the funds they donate.”

Oh snap! Micheal really laid into Hugo there, but there’s been nothing further in the war of words between the two — except for Micheal removing the post shortly after he wrote his response on his blog.

But each have a valid point, with the heavy distortion and editing you wouldn’t really know it was Hugo’s voice unless you looked it up and if your getting paid more then most of us get paid in a year (or a decade) for less than two hours of work then you should quit bitching about it. Until we see anything about new voice castings we’ll have to assume the bad blood has boiled over.

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