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What was the first Science Fiction or Fantasy book or series you read? – Mike

The first real series I can recall is Xanth by Piers Anthony and the Shannara series by Terry Brooks. I didn’t get into Tolkien until my late twenties. I did a post about my favorite series to read. – Mark Poynter

The Bible. – Jason Tabrys

The only one worth remembering at that age was Harry Potter.  Definitely.  – Chris D.

I think the first true fantasy novel (aside from Dr. Seuss and whatnot) I ever read was The Hobbit, which I guess presents an entry into the Middle-earth milieu. The first series I got into knowing it was a series was either Harry Potter or Stephen King’s The Dark Tower. I started them at about the same time. – Matthew Jackson

There’s been a lot of books between then and now, but I’d bet heavily that it was a Star Trek novel. – Adam A. Donaldson

Is it just me or has DC ruined all the non-superheroes characters? i.e. Lian Harper & Jack Drake? – Lokein

No non-superhero character can truly be ruined, but they can be corrupted. If DC plays their cards right they can make anyone look as good or as bad as they want, it’s only ruined because of the pubilc. In short: Yeah, they screwed the pooch on that one. –Nick B.

I’ll say no, because I’m enjoying what Scott Snyder’s done with Alfred so far. – Matthew Jackson

What are your thoughts on superheros underwear, are they socially acceptable? can people openly talk about wearing them at work,school,restaurant? Is it still taboo and if so, why? – Keven

As long as you don’t wear them outside your pants you are probably OK, only Superman can pull that one off. Talking about wearing them to everyone you meet . . . that’s kinda creepy. I would imagine most doctors would find it delightful to see some interesting underwear instead of tidy whities when conducting your next physical. – Mark Poynter

I wish I could find some awesome superhero underwear and y’all can talk about that shit as much as you like.  There’s no shame!  I have a Pokeball bra but that’s for special occasions only.  I like creating a little mystery.  😉 – Chris D.

There’s nothing funnier then someone who thinks wearing Superman underwear will give them a “rod of steel”, so I say let if they want to wear a pair let them. –Nick B.

I could give a shit if people think it’s “taboo.” I love my Batman boxers. – Matthew Jackson

Other people’s underwear is none of my business. – Adam A. Donaldson

In today’s society, who do you think better represents America… Captain America or Iron Man?

Neither, it’s more like the whole Avengers team, but at the point in the story where they still think each other is the bad guy and are all fighting amongst themselves. It takes a big enough villain to bring them to agree to work together, sadly I think we’re stuck at that point most of the time and nothing much of anything gets done. – Mark Poynter

I’m Canadian and I’m hanging out in the future (i.e. Australia) so I really couldn’t give a shit. – Chris D.

Captain America is the heart and soul of the nation where as Iron Man represents the womanizing alcoholic with a high-tech suit of armor. Always vote of the Captain, but I’m Canadian too so I can’t vote in your country. –Nick B.

I don’t think you can pin a single superhero to “America.” America’s broad and diverse and always in flux. They both represent a certain idea of America, but neither of those ideas is consistently accurate. – Matthew Jackson

PS3 or Xbox? Which wins out overall? – Aaron

I think Sony has better original titles both presently and in the near future, but this pseudo next generation that we’re presently going through is all about movement based gaming and I think the Kinect trumps the Move and both are well ahead of anything Nintendo has on the market. I also think Smart Glass showed the right amount of forward thinking on Microsoft’s part for their present and future hardware. I presently have a PS3 (and an NES) but I wish I hadn’t gotten rid of my battered Xbox last year. – Jason Tabrys

Frak PS3 AND Xbox! I am an old school PC Gamer. Besides Rock Band and some WII group games I would rather play on my computer. It’s supped up and fast as hell with top of the line graphics that make console games look like shit. WASD all the way! PC gamers know what I’m talking about. – Mark Poynter

I’m with Mark. I mostly game on my PC, but at the moment the only one of those two consoles in my house is Sony. Not out of preference, really. It’s just what I have to rock NCAA Football when I feel like it. – Matthew Jackson

What’s the best Star Wars coffee table book? Keith

Joe Schreiber’s Star Wars: Death Troopers, nothing say’s “great reading material” then Han Solo and Chewie battling zombie Imperial troopers and Zombie Wookies. No joke, I highly recommend it. –Nick B.

I really dig that new Vader book, but I don’t really go for the large-format Star Wars stuff. I mostly buy the novels, and I’m a huge endorser of Timothy Zahn’s Thrawn books. – Matthew Jackson

Since Nolan’s run on Batman is done do you think there should be a Batman Beyond live action film? And what are your thoughts on Cartoon Network suddenly and stupidly pulling DC Nation off its schedule until next year! – Matthew

Honestly, no. Unless Christian Bale would agree to come back as an aged Bruce Wayne and Chris Nolan would handle the script writing process in some way any future ideas for a Batman movie should be left buried for the next decade at least. As for pulling DC Nation, it was a smart decision. I get that it was geared towards a younger audience and age grouping, but most comic book fans are -let’s face it- older then 8 to 13 years old. If they can bring it back with at least one show for an older audience their numbers will be strong in the new year. –Nick B.

I’ve said already that we’re all being unrealistic if we think Warner Bros. is about to bury their most profitable movie superhero until we all forget about The Dark Knight Trilogy. We will see Batman on the big screen again soon whether we like it or not, and honestly that’s OK with me. I like seeing new incarnations of the Bat, and as long as whoever takes him on next doesn’t just try  to produce a Nolan Carbon-copy (which, obviously, is a concern), I’m looking forward to it. As to a Beyond live-action flick, I’d be up for it. It’s always been an interesting concept, and Batman is such a ubiquitous character that it would be easy to explain to the uninitiated.  – Matthew Jackson

Do any of the Bastards still pay for cable or have they moved onto streaming for their entertainment needs?- Jan

Still Cable here. When I upgrade my current television that may change, it’s been a while since I bought it and I do watch a lot on my computer. – Mark Poynter 

I have cable still for the others who live with me and for sports. Aside from sports, everything I watch is on Hulu Plus, iTunes, Amazon, etc. – Jason Tabrys

I have cable but I never watch it.  I may just get a satellite and/or just rely on the interwebz. – Chris D.

I have cable and use it often, for several reasons. One, my television is 40 inches, my laptop is 17. It’s a nice laptop, but that’s no contest. Two, there are still a good many things I enjoy watching that don’t stream. I watch sporting events on a weekly basis, as well as things like SportsCenter and various food shows and news coverage. I don’t want to have to hunt them down or wait for them to arrive in a new format. I like them to be right there for me. Three, I still take pleasure in the arcane art of channel surfing. And four, though it might sound odd to many of few, I still find quite a few commercials fun to watch. – Matthew Jackson

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