“Run” – ‘Dexter’ Episode Review

Continuing from last week’s episode, “Run” sees Dexter and Deborah still looking for the crazy maze-minotaur wanna-be Speltzer.  After they finally manage to track him down and, through a little bit of clever good cop/bad cop, get him to give a confession, he still gets away due to a technicality (gotta love the law).  Unfortunately for him, minotaur boy decides to rub it in Deb’s face which, of course, provokes the wrath of Dexter.  After a bit of a failed attempt to get his prey, Dexter successfully pins him down and does what he does best.

In the background, Isaac continues his pursuit, realizing that Dexter is involved in the death of Viktor and taking it a bit further in thinking that the whole police department may be at fault.  He tries to get them to lay off their hunt by pinning the murder on someone else (poor guy) and most of the cop-crew buy the story pretty readily.  Quinn still pursues his stripper lady and quite possibly could be helping the Russians to cover up Mike’s death, especially considering what we saw last week involving him making deals with his new naked best friend.  Batista, however, doesn’t swallow the story and sets out to learn the truth.


The meat and bones of the story comes in the interactions between Deb and Dex, as seems to be this season’s mainstay.  Dexter goes after Speltzer but lets Deb know what he’s done.  When he finally makes the kill, he invites Deb along to see the results.  She is not as upset as she perhaps should be and it’s now up in the air whether she’s going to be on Dexter’s side with his “alternative lifestyle” or not.

Another key element was Deb’s opinion of Dexter’s blood slide trophies.  After a brief discussion, Dexter rethinks the purpose of his collection and, in the end, parts with them in what may be a final goodbye.  This signals a dramatic change in the character, perhaps shifting him to a more altruistic viewpoint of his need to kill.  We shall have to wait to see how that one develops in future episodes.

One of the things I noticed the most about this episode was the expert job they did with the editing.  Each scene is very concise, saying what needs to be said without dragging it out or feeling the need to repeat themes for the sake of a mentally lazy audience.  There is a sidetrack scene where Dexter ends up stuck in Speltzer’s maze and manages to escape, but it’s short enough that the seeming pointlessness of it doesn’t distract too much.  Every other scene is top notch and I am starting to believe that the producers canned the crew from the last two seasons and replaced them with people more skilled at their craft.

Another highlight is, as it seems to be every episode thus far, the excellence of Jennifer Carpenter’s acting.  Deborah is making a transition from an idealistic cop to a real person who has to both deal with the fact that her brother is something different from what she has believed all her life and come to terms with her own feelings about what he does.  After the death of Speltzer she almost warms up to Dex, expressing her own feelings of being pleased with what her brother has done.  The gap between the two siblings is closing and even though Deb still carries some doubts about whether Dexter is doing the right thing, she has to admit to herself that his solutions are as equally satisfying as her own.  Carpenter pulls the transition off like a boss.  Personally, I hope she sees an Emmy nom for this season, cause she’s definitely earned it.

So four episodes down and I’m still not pissed off yet.  This is a very good sign considering how little it usually takes to make me want to put my boot through the TV during a typical season of anything.  Kudos to the writers and everyone involved, for they’re really bringing their best game to the table this time around.

So until next week, my dear readers, try not to do anything so bad that a serial killer comes after you and sticks you in an oven.

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