Summer Glau Locked & Loaded With Fingers Crossed

Summer Glau has gotten a bad rap on the Internet as a “Show Killer.” That’s an actor or actress that is connected with multiple television shows that you like, that end up getting canceled well before their time.

Firefly, Dollhouse, Terminator: The Sarah Conner Chronicles, and The Cape are among her canceled series, and no one is saying it’s her fault, just bad series luck that seems to follow the talented actress. Seriously, she is always a standout and scene stealer when you look at the shows she’s been on, sometimes she’s the show’s only redeeming quality.

Yeah, I’m looking at you The Cape.

So you can understand how some fan boys and girls are reacting with some trepidation concerning the news that Summer is “crossing her fingers” when it comes to Joss Whedon‘s S.H.I.E.L.D. television show. She talked with IGN the other day about her role as Skylar in the SyFy (Man, I hate that Hipster spelling) channel’s original series Alphas. The show is pretty good and worth a look if you’re not currently watching the series. IGN went on to ask her about Joss Whedon’s new series S.H.I.E.L.D. and her interest in working with Whedon again.

IGN: So I’ve got to ask… Your buddy Joss [Whedon] has a new TV show percolating, and he’s been known to make use of your talents in several projects. So is that something you’ve had any conversations about? And do you think you’d look good in a S.H.I.E.L.D. jumpsuit?

Glau: Well, I have my fingers crossed behind my back. I try not to say anything to Joss about anything he’s doing because he has so many actors, and I know we all want to work for him. So I don’t know, but if I could be a part of it in any way, of course, you know I want to.

IGN: What’s it been like seeing the year Joss has had?

Glau: It couldn’t be more deserved. I’m just so proud that I got to work for him, and nobody deserves it more. I think he’s finally getting the place in mainstream filmmaking that we all knew could happen, and now everybody’s getting to enjoy it. And to get to see him back on TV, I just think that it’s going to be so gratifying for everybody who tried to get Firefly back on and supported Joss all these years, and bought the DVDs for friends and kept supporting it and kept promoting it. Now, I just cannot wait to see what he does next on TV. Of course, I’m excited about Avengers 2 as well, but it’ll also just be awesome to have Joss back on TV!

I would love to see her on S.H.I.E.L.D. as a villain and not a S.H.I.E.L.D. agent. Wouldn’t you love to see some kind of love-hate relationship between Summer Glau (As a villain) and Clark Gregg‘s character Agent Coulson? That story writes itself.

What do you think, are you willing to take the chance on Summer Glau and let her put to rest the Internet “Show Killer” tag?

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