With less than a year left before The Wolverine hits the screen, there are high hopes that this one doesn’t end up stinking like the ripe pile of crap that was his last solo.  And while we here at Nerdbastards can’t answer that particular question quite yet, what we can do is let you know what the latest Wolverine-related news is.

First and foremost, there’s a casting rumor running around that Famke Janssen, AKA Jean Grey from the first X-Men trilogy, will be reprising her role in a Wolverine cameo.  There’s no word on what she’ll be doing in the movie yet, but “they” say she’s already made her way to Australia to shoot her bit.  Considering Jean didn’t know Wolverine before the first X-Men and died in the third, what she’s doing there is anyone’s guess.


The next bit of new involves an opportunity for fans to direct some questions at The Wolverine himself, Hugh Jackman, along with the movie’s director, James Mangold.  Come Monday, October 29th, the two will be running a live chat out of Australia in which they will field questions from the normal folks and attempt to answer them to the best of their abilities.  Check out the following video for more info.:

Hope that satisfies all you’re The Wolverine needs for now.  If not, you can check back or just wait it out until July 26th of next year, when the actual movie hits the screens.


Thanks to /film and ComingSoon for the heads-up.


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