The Doctor and the TARDIS. Their relationship is the beating heart – or is it hearts? – of Doctor Who. Rarely, is there ever one without the other, and for as much as we’ve learned about The Doctor over the show’s almost 50 years we know so little about the TARDIS. Sure, we got some of the best insight ever from Neil Gaiman’s Series 6 episode, “The Doctor’s Wife,” but we don’t really know what it’s like inside the TARDIS, beyond that console room. In the past there have been a few episodes that chose to explore more of the TARDIS. We’ve seen a couple corridors, a few companion bedrooms, and in the ’96 movie we saw the Eye of Harmony, which apparently plays some very important role in the TARDIS’ workings though I don’t think the movie ever made it all that clear.

I know I couldn’t give you a layout or draw you a map of the TARDIS and I don’t think you could either, we’ve just never seen enough of it. Looks like next season that’s all gonna change. The title of Stephen Thompson‘s episode for Series 7: Part 2 is “Journey to the Centre of the TARDIS.” Hmm…wonder where that could take place?

This title matches up with some rumors we heard earlier this year, like when Matt Smith almost let it slip we’d be seeing more of the TARDIS interior during a Q&A before producer Caro Skinner cut him off. And then there was guest star Ashley Walters getting busted for tweeting from the set – a big Doctor Who no-no – who recently told the Radio Times,

…in our episode it’ll be the first time people get to see so much of the TARDIS.

I’m excited for them to spend the majority of an episode inside the TARDIS, exploring. Though I wonder why they must in this episode since it’s clearly nothing something The Doctor and his companions do very often. What reason do you think they’ll be TARDIS-bound next season? What are you expecting to see inside the TARDIS? Have I typed TARDIS enough in this article?

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