The fate of Bryan Fuller‘s Munsters update, Mockingbird Lane is still up in the air. In fact, its future relies completely on whether or not the pilot, now being aired as a Halloween special Friday October 26th at 8pm, pulls in high enough numbers that NBC decides to pursue the series. Obviously, Fuller would like to see that happen but I’m sure NBC would like some of their $10 million investment back as well.

To build the anticipation for the show a new clip’s been released. Check it out below and let us know if you’ll be catching Mockingbird Lane this Friday on NBC.

I kind of like what I’m seeing here. There’s not a lot of substance to this scene, but I like the visual effects they’re showing off. And if there’s a lot this, I can see where that $10 million went.

UPDATE: There’s been a second clip released featuring Herman and Eddie,

Coming Soon also a pretty comprehensive synopsis of the pilot. I wouldn’t consider it too much of a spoiler, unless you wanted to know absolutely nothing about the show.

In Mockingbird Lane, sweet little Eddie Munster (Mason Cook) is a normal kid about to enter the horrors of puberty. Truth is, he’s about to discover that for him becoming a teenager means growing hair in truly unexpected places — as in all over his body — every time the moon is full! Eddie’s got it pretty good though. His loving, supportive, run-of-the-mill family includes his mom Lily (Portia de Rossi), the daughter of Dracula; his dad Herman (Jerry O’Connell), who brings new meaning to “Frankenstein”; and Grandpa (Eddie Izzard), who would give Dracula a run for his money if he weren’t actually Dracula! Of course then there’s creepy cousin Marilyn (Charity Wakefield), who’s really the odd one because she’s so completely normal.

Buying a house these days is a nightmare, so Herman and Lily are shocked that no one scooped up the rambling Victorian mansion at 1313 Mockingbird Lane that was the site of a series of grisly hobo murders. Settling into their new place, they’re quickly onto the mission at hand: to gently ease Eddie into the reality of his werewolf adolescence. But it’s not always so easy to accept that your child is a little “different” from the rest of the kids. Meanwhile, Herman, who works as a funeral director, is suffering from a heart condition. Since he’s made up mostly of spare parts, he knew his makeshift heart would eventually give out. No worries though, because Grandpa, who is pretty good at procuring body parts, is on the case. All Herman cares about is finding a new heart with the same capacity to love Lily as much as he has for so many decades.

I think this sounds like a really imaginative updating of the classic 60s sitcom, so I hope its pilot performs well and we can see a series next year. Don’t forget, if you want more you better tune in Friday at 8pm on NBC!

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