Get ready to mist up a little here. For a kid, having to spend any amount of time in hospital has to be tough. Well, the other day a quartet of window washers helped brighten an afternoon up at the Children’s Hospital of Pittsburgh. Four men from Allegheny Window Cleaning Inc. donned superhero costumes and took to the skies… well, to the windows.

The companies president, Edward Matuizek, said the scheme was his wife’s idea after she heard about a similar stunt happening in the UK. This past monday (Oct 22) after the facilities director Elizabeth Munsch gave the go ahead Rick Bollinger, Mark Errico,  Ed Hetrick,  and Jim Zaremba suited up as Superman, Batman, Spider-Man and Captain America in a heart warming DC/Marvel crossover that was a hit with the residents of the hospital.

Errico, the Captain America of the four said “The kids were loving it, everywhere we went, they were coming in from different rooms.


Source: UPI via io9


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