Will people go and see an Evil Dead movie not starring Bruce Campbell? Can it be any good without Sam Raimi directing? These are the kinds of concerns this trailer is hoping to squash. Does it? Watch the full, red band, wonderfully gory trailer below and let us know,

I’m willing to be optimistic and give this update a shot. There seem to be quite a few really gruesome sequences in this trailer, and I think they look promising. I also spotted what looks like an update of the infamous, “chick is raped by a tree” scene and in the original that moment freaked me the fuck out. Can’t wait to see how it’s handle in this version. Though,  I will mention this does look exactly like what I’d expect from an updated Evil Dead. Here’s hoping there are some cool, new surprises they haven’t shared just yet.

What are your thoughts? Yay or nay on the Evil Dead reboot, opening April 13th, 2013?

Source: Bleeding Cool

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