Earlier this year, with the release of the well received Chronicle, writer Max Landis made waves on the comic book movie scene with his unique spin on the superhero genre. Naturally this leads to more writing gigs in the cape and tights crowd, right? Sorta. While the possibility of a sequel to the the aforementioned movie is still up in the air (apparently FOX Studios says the script for Chronicle 2 is ‘not what they were expecting‘,) Landis did pen an eight page story in the recent Action Comics Annual titled Anchiale.

While talking with Comic Book Resources about his comic book writing debut, Landis reveals how he’d like to write the Man of Steel if given a chance.

‘What would I do if I had the keys to Superman? Honestly, my opinion of Superman has always been that he should be a normal guy. In as much the sense, we don’t go too cartoon-y, we don’t go too far into the idea that he’s an alien. We just focus on how fucking weird it would be to be Superman. I would love to write a Superman comic, a series or an arc, which is about how bizarre it is that he’s this guy who grew up in Kansas and he finds out that he’s an alien. They sort of brush that over constantly, but this is a guy who, if the New 52 timeline works out, grew up watching “Alien,” “E.T.” and “Independence Day.” And then he finds out, “Oh, that’s me? I’m from space. I don’t feel like I’m from space.” That’s what’s so special for me. He’s not a billionaire. He’s not a fucking Amazonian princess. He’s not even a particularly picked-on guy. He’s not Peter Parker. He’s just a dude. And to grow into a slightly smarter than average dude and find out you’re Superman, that’s fucking interesting to me.

I feel like he should be a way-in for readers, which is a way that he really hasn’t been used as. That’s what I’d do with him.’

While comic book writers over that couple of decades have explored the human/alien duality that the Kal El/Clark Kent character has, it does sound like Landis would take it a little deeper and to some new territory. Imagine how weird it would be to suddenly find out your actually are from another planet. I’ll give him credit, there seems to be a lot of untold stories there.

Maybe one day DC will give him the chance. Till then we have Action Comics Annual #1, on shelves October 31st.

Source: Comic Book Resources

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