Sexy Cosplay of the Week: Alouette

- 10-26-12Cosplay, Featured Posted by NickBungay

Man, does a week every go fast these days. One day your recovering from the grind of the weekend celebration the next day your wondering when you can get back to it. Well never fear, this week’s Sexy Cosplay of the week is here to save the day. We are off to central Florida for a visit with Alouette.

A dancer since she was 3 and a cosplayer since the age of 12, this sporting young lass has more then enough energy to the toils of crafting and wearing her own cosplay. After borrowing a friend’s cosplay for a convention and having way to much fun doing it Alouette decided it was time to start what has now become a life-long obsession of fabrics and photos. From DC‘s Black Canary and Sailor Moon‘s Sailor Uranus, Alouette has a strong foundation in her craft.

This isn’t some regular damsel relying on her natural come-hither good looks either, this chick has bonafide nerd credit. She watches Doctor Who, Star Trek, a loves playing Fallout and she absolutely hates Twilight, my God she’s perfect!

Check out more of Alouette’s work at her Facebook, Deviant Art or pages.

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