There are no NB staffers that particularly care about K-stew’s vampire romps (me included). It’s against our better judgment to post any Twilight related stuffs. We know, however, that some of you out there actually watch these movies. Don’t ask me why. Seriously, don’t. I’ll just scream, kick and say very rude things.

Anyway, this is for the Twi-hards out there (and I say that with all due respect).

A new clip has been released for director Bill Condon‘s The Twilight Saga: Breaking Dawn Part 2. The clip features Kristen Stewart‘s Bella arm wrestling Kellan Lutz’s character Emmett.

She might be good at arm wrestling muscular vampires, but lets see her take on Lincoln Hawk from Over the Top!

Breaking Dawn Part 2 hits theaters November 15th.

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