Joss Whedon Endorses Romney and Zombies in 2012

With very little time left before the people of the United States come together and cast their votes for who will be the next president, the candidates are busy warring back and forth.  Celebrities, being the media-whores that they are, love to use their influence to affect the outcomes of elections by endorsing one side or the other.  Joss Whedon is no exception to the rule, though he approaches the matter in a different way than most.

Check out the video below to witness Whedon’s snarky political ad:

So the way I figure it, he’s either being sarcastic or he really is looking forward to the zombie apocalypse and trying to usher it in.  I fear his sarcasm may backfire on him, however, when thousands of pro-zombie folks show up at the polls and cast their votes for Romney.


Thanks to ComicBookMovie for the laughs.

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