Epic Rap Battle: Doc Brown Vs. Doctor Who!

I had forgotten that Epic Rap Battles in History was a thing, but then this rap-off between Doc Brown and Doctor Who comes a long… and totally reminds how nerdy (and clever) they can be.

Truth be told, this was the best match-up yet… and prolly the worst actual battle. This rap just didn’t have its usual catchiness compared to the ones in the past.

Regardless, it had it’s moments. The BttF and Whovian humor was obviously written by someone quite familiar with them both. Although, come to think of it,  I don’t quite know why they switched from the 10th Doctor to 4th Doctor?

The line “Dalek my balls” played to my scatological/sexual sensibilities.  I also thought it was a nice touch that all three doctors have noticeably different rapping styles.



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