Originally attended by 300 people, San Diego Comic-Con has become the Mecca for all things geeky, nerdy and exclusive since 1970, when it was known as “Golden State Comic-Minicon”. For the last few years however, fans have been worried about the con’s possible move to Las Vegas, Los Angeles or Anaheim.  But announcement from San Diego Mayor Jerry Sanders now confirms that Comic-Con International has extended its stay in San Diego through 2016!

That’s right people, Comic-Con is staying home – for a few more years at least. Thanks to a $520 million expansion of the convention center, fans will have many more years of waiting in line for hours to see their favorite stars sign their hundred-dollar replicas. And with Comic-Con 2013 scheduled to run from July 18 to 21st, many people have already started the countdown to next year.

Comic-Con spokesman David Glanzer issued a statement over the extension of the event into 2016 saying,

“We really didn’t take the expansion into consideration in making our decision. If by next year and the following year, we have such an influx of people that the added space we use doesn’t work and there’s no expansion, then it could be an issue.”

Honestly, San Diego is the home of Comic-Con; it’s why “San Diego” is in the name in the first place and moving the event anywhere else would spoil it.

Thanks to 130,000 unique visitors per year the event should forever stay in the city, bringing with it the estimated $68 million in spending for hotels, dining, transportation and other related items, i.e. collectibles and Robert Downey Jr. As long as San Diego can keep 130,000 nerds or more entertained for four days a year I say “Let them stay for as long as they damn well please.”

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