Game of Thrones writer Byran Cogman was recently interviewed by the ladies of The Mary Sue about his work compiling the incredible Inside HBO’s Game of Thrones book and his involvement in the hit series, which, if you’ve been keeping track, returns in 152 days! They were expressly informed not to talk about Season 3, but that doesn’t stop Cogman from including a little insight to next season in a few of his answers,

TMS: Who’s your favorite character in the show and, if you have a different answer, who’s your favorite character to write? Is there a different favorite from the books?

BC: Very hard to choose — I’ve been living with them for so long, I have great affection for all of them (and the actors who portray them). I had a great time writing Theon in Season 2 and I’ve really enjoyed writing Jaime in Season 3. And I always like writing for the kids. There’s a character I love from the books — Aeron Damphair, who we haven’t seen on the show yet, but it’d be fun to get a crack at him. We’ll see.

Everyone should be looking forward to Jaime and Brienne this season. It’ll be a highlight, of that I’m sure. But what of changes between the original text and the show? Some seem arbitrary, what’s the reasoning behind them?

BC: With all due respect to the fans, there is never a single change on this show that’s “arbitrary”. Every change is debated and discussed at length and there’s always a good reason — be it creative, budgetary, etc. D&D [Benioff & Weiss] make decisions in the adaptation based on what’s best for the show. Of course, I’d love everyone to love every bit of the series, but you can’t please everyone all the time.

I like to believe fans are becoming used to the changes and alterations that come with an adaptation. We’re seeing more and more, just look at The Hobbit or The Walking Dead. Both of those properties have and are making extensive changes from their source material, but they’re generally loved by (most) fans.

I don’t know, have you felt the changes from the books made to Game of Thrones are arbitrary and unnecessary? What are you doing to bide you time until Season 3?

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