Well, that didn’t last long.

Just a week or so ago Ivan Retiman made an off hand mention that production on a third Ghostbusters movie would begin next summer and the internet went wild with nerd rage and speculation. Thankfully fate has intervened once again and the chances of cameras rolling on GB3 next summer are nil.

The Hollywood Reporter says that Sony Pictures doesn’t have the money for that (or any other movies) for the time being. Citing multiple sources, HR reports that  film production at the studio has been frozen until at least the end of the fiscal year.

So the earliest Sony could give a Ghostbusters threequel the go ahead would be next March, leaving ample time for Bill Murray to express mild interest to only then quickly decline, cause multiple rewrites , and once and for all cripple the production. I just pray Bill has his (alleged) paper shredder handy.

See you next March when we will report the next reason Ghostbusters 3 will never be made.

Source: Bleeding Cool

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