As I’m sure you’re well aware, the story likely to become the nerd news story of the year hit last night and the internet erupted. For a good two hours yesterday all my Twitter timeline was tweeting about was the shocking news Disney had purchased Lucasfilm and were planning a new Star Wars trilogy, beginning with Episode VII releasing in 2015. Honestly, I still find myself questioning whether it’s real or not even though the proof is everywhere. Of course, when we first heard they were making those prequel flicks I don’t think everyone truly believed them either, and here we are.

So, Star Wars Episode VII, it’s a thing, but what’ll it be about? Star Wars fans for years have theorized about what happened to Luke, Leia, and Han once the Emperor was defeated and the Empire was in ruins. Did the Republic return? Did Luke restore the Jedi Order? There’s been dozens upon dozens of comics, fan films, novels, and what have you all exploring this post-Return of the Jedi universe, often referred to as the Expanded Universe. The stories that take place in this universe have been treated with a varying degree of credibility and canon, but what’s been considered by many a fan to be the story of what happen after Jedi is Timothy Zahn‘s “Thrawn Trilogy.”

For those who haven’t read Zahn’s novels here a quick summary courtesy of E! Online,

Well, Luke Skywalker meets a real would-be assassin lady named Mara Jade, who was trained to avenge the Emperor by crushing Luke’s pretty blond head. Instead, Jade falls for Luke and, a subsequent graphic novel, the two marry. Skywalker also has to deal with the fact that he’s the only Jedi left, at least, for now, and he goes about trying to fix that.

Princess Leia and Han Solo also play heavily into the Thrawn Trilogy, popping out a pair of twins (of course) among other things. As for the name Thrawn, well, that refers to a grand admiral with imperial sympathies who takes over as the leader of the vanquished enemy faction.

You get the jist. Either read ’em or Wiki ’em if you seek more details. Not that it really matters now because those stories are out.

A Lucasfilm source has told E! Online, Episode VII will be an, “original story.” Basically, forget everything you thought you knew about what happened after Jedi. You were probably wrong anyway.

As of now we’re just left with questions. Lots and lots of questions. What will we be seen in this new trilogy? Will there be an attempt to seek out past Star Wars actors? What’s the future of the long-coming TV show, Star Wars Underworld? The Clones Wars? Seth Green and Matthew Senreich’s only recently announced Star Wars Detours?

What are your thoughts on this whole Disney/Lucasfilm acquisition? Air out your feels here people, we’ll be your support group.

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