Star Trek geeks have a certain love for comparing the merits and flaws of the various starship captains that have appeared in the shows over the years.  Usually, this doesn’t go much further than the classic Kirk vs. Picard debate, the rest of them being tossed to the side as inferior.  But Kate Mulgrew, former captain of the USS Voyager, is throwing a wrench into the argument and making a few claims that aren’t digesting well with the fans.

In a recent interview with Splitsider, the following conversation took place:

Journalist: Paul was telling us that you made a comment that there were only two real captains, yourself and Mr. [Patrick] Stewart.

No, this is gonna go viral.

Journalist: Mr. Shatner, not necessarily.

Well, there are only two captains who were lost in space who did seven years, okay? Deep Space Nine was a space station. Shatner only did three seasons. [Scott] Bakula was cancelled after four.

Journalist: Avery Brooks was only a commander.

That’s what I’m saying, it was a space station. He wasn’t in space, lost in space. Patrick Stewart and I – Picard and Janeway – were the only two intrepid, lost-in-space captains. I really think that’s true, right?

Some fans might get their panties in a knot over this, but I’m guessing that she was just making a joke or trying to bust everyone’s balls.  And despite whatever she may say, the debate will always end up returning to Kirk vs. Picard – at least until a new series spawns and brings someone else into the race.


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