Since the momentous announcement Star Wars Episode VII is a real thing, actually happening, within our lifetimes, all anyone can ask is, “Who’s gonna direct?” Lucasfilm and their new daddy, Disney, herald a 2015 release date and if that’s the case there’s much to be done in the short three year time span  As of now we know next to nothing and nobody in their right mind would confirm anything without an official press release, but Collider may have an interesting theory. Could Matthew Vaughn be in talks to direct Episode VII? And if Collider is willing to wager their reputation as a reputable news source, I’m willing to give it a listen.

Their evidence is this, not too long ago Vaughn suspiciously and unexpectantly dropped out of directing  X-Men: Days of Future Past, the sequel to his 2011 X-Men: First Class. It was truly a startling development in the production of the hotly anticipated sequel, one that was only calmed when it was announced longtime X-Men franchise producer Bryan Singer would return to helm the project. What could cause Vaughn to leave the project? Let’s put it this way, if Lucasfilm and Disney are offering you the chance to direct Episode VII, would you say no? Of course not! And once Vaughn was able to leave Days of Future Past in the capable hands of Singer there’d be no reason not to leave.

Sure, it’s pure speculation backed up by Collider’s sources, but I do believe it’s worth considering. At least we can fantasize about what a Vaughn-directed Star Wars movie would be like. What say you bastards?

Source: /Film

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