Less than a week after the bombshell announcement of Disney’s acquisition of Lucasfilm, it seems that the House of Mouse is still in the mood to buy, and they may be shopping in the toy aisle.

The rumor du jour is that Disney has opened negotiations to buy Hasbro, the largest toy and game company in the world. Under the Hasbro banner are numerous billion-dollar franchise brands like Transformers, G.I. Joe, Monopoly, Nerf, Beyblade, Magic: The Gathering, and Dungeons & Dragons. Over the years, Hasbro itself has absorbed other toy companies like Parker Brothers, Kenner, Tonka, Milton Bradley, and Wizards of the Coast, so I guess with no more toy companies to monopolize, their only choice left is to be absorbed by another monopoly.

Sound implausible? If there are negotiations, they’ve only just gotten underway, but it reportedly only took six months for Disney and Lucasfilm to come to an agreement. The move would make sense for Disney, as Hasbro does produce the Star Wars line of action figures, plus they’d get access to hundreds of characters and licenses that could add billions to their coffers, and not just the obvious ones like Optimus Prime and Cobra Commander. Might Cabbage-Patch Kids, Mr Potato Head and My Little Pony soon become permanent parts of the Disney world? Time will tell.

I know we joke about Disney taking over the world, but it seems that the entire enterprise is no joke to the people in charge: Disney means to take over the world. Or at least the nerd parts.

We’ll keep you posted with developments.



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