Besides wondering who would be chosen to direct Star Wars Episode VIIhere’s a likely candidate, by the way – fans have been very curious about whether or not the original cast has been asked to return. And more importantly, would they be needed at all! We know Episode VII will take place after Return of the Jedi, but how long after? Will we be watching the continuing journey of Luke Skywalker or will it be another hero’s story? Whatever the tale, Entertainment Weekly is reporting Harrison Ford, Mark Hamill, and Carrie Fisher are all open to make a return.

I know, your mind was just blown a little, wasn’t it?

The focus of their report is Ford’s willingness to return which is coming from an apparently very reliable, though unnamed, source. This source told EW Ford was not only,  “open to the idea” of returning but that he’s “upbeat about it.” Guess the hope is his return to the Star Wars universe will go over better than his return as Indiana Jones, amiright? Also confirmed by this source is the possible return of Hamill and Fisher, which isn’t surprising sine we know two of the first people George Lucas told about Episode VII were Hamill and Fisher.

While Ford is open to reprising Han Solo he does have a few conditions. Mainly that before he’d sign on he’d need to see a script, know who was directing, and possibly be written a juicy death scene. All of which I’m fine with, so Disney, just do it already!

I’m warming up to idea of an Episode VII more and more, and what I’d think would make an excellent story would be those three characters handing the reins of the franchise to newcomers. It would give fans a sense of legacy and transition that wasn’t afforded us with the prequels. What are you guys feeling? Do you want them to include as many of the original actors as possible? If so, what would you like to see Luke, Leia, and Han doing after all the years?

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  • E. Lee Zimmerman

    No way. BAD idea, all caps.

  • I’d like them to do the Legacy era with Cade Skywalker 😛

  • Yay… cameo time… because I don’t think Disney will want anyone else but newcomers and fill a soundtrack full of young bands instead of a score… ah well, time will tell.

  • Do you realize how many *original* fans would be ticked if John Williams, or a current symphonic score composer, were not to compose an orchestral score for a “Star Wars” movie?! As if the Disco version of the “Star Wars” main titles weren’t bad enough, would you really want (insert Rap artist’s name here) re-doing Bill Murray’s lounge singer version of the “Star Wars” theme from SNL on a soundtrack?!

    And if Ford wouldn’t return when Lucas asked him, or kill Solo off as Ford said he suggested for Empire Strikes Back, *why* would he return now?

  • Noooo! An old Han Solo? Han Solo is like the Fonz…there are NO OLD VERSIONS THAT EXIST! It would ruin the suave space smuggler factor. I didn’t even like when Solo became a General officer in the rebellion….he and chewy were the best when they ridin’ solo and rolling thru the galaxies SAMCRO style!

  • Show me Mara Jade Skywalker(or the Fate of the Jedi arc) and I’ll be happy. And may Disney burn if they put rap/boy band/lady gaga crap into Star wars.