It’s a month and a half to go before we get more Doctor Who and if you’re like me, every little bit of Doctor helps to pass those long days.  And so we here at Nerdbastards have tracked down and chopped up a Matt Smith interview with Collider.  In it he talks a bit about the upcoming Christmas special, the new companion and his future playing The Doctor.

About the Christmas special:

We’ve got the wonderful Richard E. Grant who’s brilliant as a sort of villainous role.  We meet the new companion. And we’ve got Vastra, Jenny and Strax are making a return appearance which is terribly exciting.  And it does the sort of wonderful Doctor Who-ey Christmas things, you know, snow, aliens, good will, good cheer, someone trying to take over the world.  Hopefully it makes for good Christmas day telly.

How he feels the new companion will affect The Doctor:

Well, I mean, it’s a funny thing really, because that’s sort of an ongoing process. It’s something that you learn as you go quite a lot of the time, because obviously I don’t know Jenna when she gets the job, just like any job but this particularly where the relationships and their relationship throughout the show is so important to the story, it’s something that is constantly evolving as you get to know each other a bit better.  But of course we meet him having lost Amy and Rory which were very—that was a very important part of his life.  So we meet a slightly different version of him. I think being with anyone, being with a different actress, being with a different character ultimately it’s going to change you.  But, it’s hard for me to articulate what that is because I don’t know, it’s not something that I’m conscious of really.

And when asked about how long he wants to keep working as the Doctor:

Fifty years. Yeah, fifty-million years.  No, I take it year by year, you know? See what comes.  I love working for Steven Moffat.  I love making the show, it’s unlike any job I’ll ever have, and I’m proud going into the 50th year, so.

Well folks, that all you get for now.  Either wait for the Christmas special or check back every few days and we’ll let you know if we find more.


Thanks to ScreenRant for the heads-up.

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