The recipe is always the same – if it’s a Marvel movie then Stan Lee is going to end up poking his face in there somewhere.  Usually he gets about 5 seconds of face-time and a single line, but having the comic book icon in every film is pretty much a given.  With the sequel to Amazing Spider-Man in the works, we can expect Stan to be back once again, though this time he’s pushing for something a little more.

In a recent Collider interview with Marc Webb about Amazing Spider-Man 2, Stan barged his way in to state his case.  After bestowing the usual stream of compliments that accompanies any Stan Lee appearance, he attempted to sell Webb on the importance of giving him a bigger role.

Check out the vid below:

I say give him a full-on starring role!  At 89 years, Stan doesn’t have much more time with us on this planet and we might as well let him play before he’s gone from us forever.


Thanks to blastr for the heads-up.

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