After what seems like an eternity we have our very first sneak peek of a movie we may not live to see. World War Z was slated to be released on December 21, 2012 (spooky!), but after  production issues, 7 weeks of re-shoots, and Brad Pitt‘s countless hours practicing his “I’m running from zombies, but still need to make the ladies moist” look, the date was disappointingly pushed back to June 20, 2013.

Pending that you aren’t actually experiencing this in the months to come, here is your first glimpse into the zombie apocalypse through the eyes of Max Brooks.

There’s been much debate about the overwhelming use of CGI in this film, as current shows like The Walking Dead have reverted to more old school techniques of liquid latex and prosthetic appliances. Please feel free to let us know what you think in the comments. We know you little bastards will anyways.

Source: Blastr

Stop the press, this just in! ( If you didn’t read that with a distinct 1920’s gangster accent, you did it wrong.) First look at the poster for the film, and probably every copy of the book printed from here until the end of time. Oh, and don’t forget the little annoying sticker that screams “NOW A MAJOR MOTION PICTURE!”

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  • Will Smith

    It feels too much like a zombie version of I Am Legend 🙁

  • RomeroRules

    I read the books understand the horde and how it is a terrifying, ever pursuing undead nightmare, but what i dont get is how physics stopped working….
    It looked like the horde came in like flood waters, or a running of the bulls and not only flipped a bus, but crawled over the bus. Then it had them climbing a wall?!? That’s not how zombies work, not even ‘rage infected’ humans. What book were they reading?


      ^^^THIS^^^ Agreed the physics of it sux. Overwhelming & terrifying…it is not.

  • That seems to be the general consensus that it looks like I am Legend. I like what they tried to go for with the overwhelming horror of it all, but it would have been much cleaner and realistic if they did their crowd shots like LOTR .

  • IronDouche

    Oh well. Guess that’s that then.

  • I feel like the movie will draw a totally different audience than expected, solely based on Brad Pitt. I don’t think those will be the zombie officials that we are. It’s going to get a lot of upper middle class white people on a movie date viewers.