While I was feeling fairly confidant about the rumor Matthew Vaughn left X-Men: Days of Future Past for Star Wars Episode VII, in light of today’s news he might instead be working on Mark Millar’s The Secret Service, I’m not so sure. Add to that this latest report from Celebuzz claiming Colin Trevorrow has already had preliminary meetings with George Lucas and Kathleen Kennedy and I think Vaughn is out.

So who is Colin Trevorrow? Besides being the most likely candidate to direct Episode VII, Trevorrow has only one feature film under his belt, the sci-fi indie Safety Not Guaranteed. I haven’t seen the film but Brendon Connelly of Bleeding Cool speaks well of it saying,

…it’s got a good number of light laughs and some lovely little bits of character business. It’s certainly a good picture and I think it will develop a fair cult following as the years roll on.

All right, so he has a promising indie sci-fi flick on his resume, that sounds good but definitely unexpected for the guy about to be given the reins to the biggest film franchise in motion picture history. Then again, as Bleeding Cool also points out, who were Irving Kershner and Richard Marquand before Empire and Jedi. And I don’t find it surprising at all Lucas would look to an indie director as that’s how he would likely identify himself.

And though Trevorrow may be at the top of Lucas’ list as potential Episode VII directors, another guy is at the top of everyone else’s: Brad Bird. Here’s a hilarious campaign commercial for Bird to get the directing gig from The Unlearning Channel,

Hey George, they’ve got some good points here, give Bird a consideration, maybe? Or should I be speaking to Ms. Kennedy as it’ll likely be her, the new head of Lucasfilm, who will make the call.

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