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Above: America’s favorite rock star astrophysicist just became even cooler. Neil deGrasse Tyson has determined “the “real” Krypton is in the Corvus constellation, about 27.1 light years from Earth, orbiting the red dwarf star LHS 2520.”  You can see Tyson personally deliver this info to Superman himself in Action Comics #14, out today. [Nerd Approved]

Most innovative cosplay ever

When you don’t know which costume to choose, choose them all! Do you think this guy is going as the kitchen sink next Halloween? (Fashionably Geek)

Plenty of people get comic book characters tattooed on their body, but Girl Gone Geek discovered the next level of fandom at NY Comic Con when she met Shane, who has writer Grant Morrison‘s face tattooed on his arm! Check out some of Shane’s other tattoos at Girl Gone Geek.

For those of you lucky enough to travel outside of the virtual world, make sure your fellow travellers know how nerdy you are by slapping these gaming theme luggage tags on your bags. (Nerd Approved)

The bakers at Black Cherry Cake Company are no strangers to geeky confections but they’ve really outdone themselves with this Back to the Future cake. Check out the DeLorean at the bottom! (Geeks Are Sexy)

Can’t decide if these life-like repaints of geeky character dolls are creepy or cool. Whatever they are, artist Noel Cruz is hella talented. You can see more of his work, including Legolas, Jack Sparrow, Wonder Woman and Superman, over at Geekologie.

If you’ve ever wondered how in the hell some cosplayers get their costumes to be so awesome, Project Cosplay has the answer. Watch the video to see nerdy girl Crystal Graziano bring Venus from Metal Gear Solid 2 to life. [Fashionably Geek]

The dorks at Dorkly were wondering what went down at Luke Skywalker’s adoption. And then they made this vid.

Speaking of Star Wars, the ever graceful Disney Princesses welcome their new sister Leia to their cheery family. [Mashable]

Epic cosplayers are epic – especially with background music. [The Mary Sue]

This is much more heartwarming than it is geeky but 53 year old Nigel Ackland is a total Terminator!! Ackland’s bionic arm is the most advanced prosthetic of it’s kind and allows him to type, hold credit cards, delicately crack an egg and as he says ‘be human.’ Watch the video to see all of the cool things it can do. [Obvious Winner]

Just like Rob Bricken over at Topless Robot, I am completely oblivious about pop songs, but this Halo 4 inspired spoof of The Wanted’s Glad You Came is hilarious whether you know the original or not.

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