So many rumors… so many… can’t keep track of them all.  Everyone wants to know what the hell is going on with the new Star Wars trilogy, particularly juicy details concerning directors, writers and plot.  Names are being dropped left and right, the likely being mixed in with nerd dream-lists indiscriminately.  The latest rumor-maybe-fact to hit the Internets is the presence of Michael Arndt as the new writer for Episode VII.

Writer of Toy Story 3 and Little Miss Sunshine, Arndt has an ongoing relationship with Disney and thus the power to worm his way into the franchise if his treatment looks good.  And according to “inside sources”, a treatment for all three episodes of the new trilogy has been put together by Arndt and is being looked at seriously.  He is said to be “in line” to work on Episode VII at the least, though he’ll need to finish up with his Hunger Games work beforehand.

The next step will involve sending the treatment to get a look-over from some of the interested directors.  That list, in case you don’t already know, consists of names like Steven Spielberg, J.J. Abrams and Brad Bird.

Of course, it’s all still just a rumor.  So until we hear something official from Disney big-wigs, it will continue to remain as such.  Rest assured, if we here at NerdBastards get some solid news, it will be coming to you post-haste.


Thanks to /film for the update.

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