‘Star Was: Episode VII’ Writer Confirmed To Be…

Well it’s been a couple of hours since our last story about the forthcoming Disney Star Wars trilogy, so here’s something. Earlier on we reported on the rumor that Toy Story 3 scribe, Michael Arndt, was being sought to write Episode VII. We can now take that out of the rumor pile and place it in the not rumor pile, along with the movie will be made and that it may be about a war in the stars. StarWars.com has posted this official statement:

“As pre-production of Star Wars: Episode VII begins, Lucasfilm has confirmed that award-winning writer Michael Arndt will write the screenplay for the new Star Wars film. As revealed in the ongoing video series posted here on StarWars.com, Kathleen Kennedy and George Lucas have begun story conferences with Arndt. Arndt won an Academy Award® for Best Original Screenplay for writing Little Miss Sunshine (2006), and was nominated for Best Adapted Screenplay for writing Toy Story 3 (2010).”

Personally, I am excited. Not that Arndt will be writing the movie though I am sure he’ll do a bang up job. No, I am happier by the fact that we have something confirmed and at least one small part of the speculation machine can stop. Seriously, it has only been a couple weeks now and we have enough rumors to take us through till Episode XXVI.

Now about Arndt. He’s got a good relationship with Disney, he’s has written some solid scripts and has cred in the business, plus… he is obviously a huge Star Wars nerd. He wrote Toy Story 3, a movie that is replete with Return of the Jedi references.

So, we now have that, we know who will write it. I return you to wild speculation and rumor spreading.


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