When most people think of Marvel properties, images of the tyrannical mouse of Disney and Joss Whedon generally come to mind.  But some people forget that Fox also has their hands on more than a few super heroes.  The Wolverine is coming up next year and the sequel to X-Men: First Class is primed to take 2014.  And as if Mark Millar, creative consultant at Fox is to be believed, there will be closer to 10 Marvel-based flicks making their way to the screen in the near future.

The goal, according to Millar, is to flesh out the Fox portion of the Marvel universe as much as Disney has done with their own.  To do that they’ll need more movies and more big name super hero celebrities to draw audiences in and allow the chance for a fuller environment.  Further (and again from the mouth of Millar), The Wolverine is the movie that’s supposed to begin setting up this universal approach, similar to the way Iron Man brought about the Disney Marvel revolution.

So what can they possibly put together given that they have much less to work with than Disney does?  Well, the Fantastic Four reboot is already underway, so that makes three when you include the aforementioned films.  And Millar himself teased some others that he’d like to see, including X-Force, Cable and Deadpool.

I know more than one person who would shit themselves if a proper Deadpool movie made it to theaters and the others have potential as well.  Personally, I still wanna see a Nightcrawler/Kitty Pryde movie, since those were two that I grew up with and thoroughly enjoyed.

What about ya’ll out there in NerdBastard land?  What Fox-based Marvel properties would you pay money to see on the big screen?


Thanks to blastr for the heads-up.

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