Yes folks, it’s that time again.  Time for Hollywood to adapt yet another widely successful yet only moderately interesting television franchise from the 80s for the big screen.  And this time around the series of choice is MacGyver.

New Line Cinema is looking to provide the monies and will be working with a script put together by writer Jason Richman (Bangkok Dangerous).  James Wan (of Saw and Insidious fame) has expressed interest in taking the helm on the film, so if New Line says yes, it may be in production pretty soon.

If you happened to have missed the 80s (or the endless reruns), MacGyver was all about a guy named Angus MacGyver, agent of The Phoenix Foundation.  He’s a dude who can make all sorts of useful shit out of pretty much anything one would find lying around the house.  Seriously, I’m talking like bombs out of old cat turds and duct tape.  The series was pretty formulaic (as were almost all products of the 80s), featuring MacGyver fighting his weekly bad guy and solving his weekly problem for his weekly citizens-in-distress.

This time around, there will likely be no Richard Dean Anderson in the title role, since he’s pretty fucking old right now.  And, with any luck, they’ll ditch that horrible mullet that MacGyver wore throughout most of the show’s seven seasons.

So what do our lovely readers have to say about this?  Any interest in seeing MacGyver brought to the big screen?  Think that perhaps Wan’s involvement might see the titular character making cool stuff out of human remains?


Thanks to GeekTyrant for the warning on this one.

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