Apparently, some fans weren’t so happy with the direction Marc Webb took in designing Peter Parker’s costume in the latest Amazing Spider-Man reboot.  And while all comic movies are going to have little changes here and there, most directors just ignore the whining and let the hard core fanboys pout about it.  Webb, however, looks to be taking fans’ opinions into consideration, resulting in a slight change-up in Spidey’s costume for the upcoming sequel.

When broadcasting across the Internets via his Tweeter account, Webb had this to say about the new costume:

“Bigger eyes.  Gnarly web shooters.”

Okay… so I guess that means they’re going for something a little more like the comic series presents?  Though I’m at a complete loss as to understanding what makes a web-shooter “gnarly”.

As a side-note, Webb also confirmed that Shailene Woodley will definitely be showing up in the new flick in the role (however small it may be) of Mary Jane Watson.  Or, to put it in his own words:

“She’s the jam – lover her, look forward to working with her in ASM2.”

Yes, the man certainly has a way with words.  Of course, what else can you expect from a Twitter update?

Look for the Amazing Spider-Man sequel to hit theaters in about a year-and-a-half, on May 2nd of 2014.


Thanks to ComicBookMovie for the heads-up.

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  • I lover her too haha

  • bickleton wigglesworth III

    i hadn’t realized that it was the suit and the webshooters that made the
    first movie so dull and cliched.

  • Sarah Henderson

    This news is fantastic! I love that Marc Webb took the fans
    complaints into consideration and is changing parts of the costume. I am also ecstatic
    to learn that Shailene will be playing Mary Jane. A coworker at DISH and I had
    been debating about what role she would be taking on, and we are excited that
    we were correct. I can’t wait to see what direction this sequel takes; I was
    surprised at how much I enjoyed the original. I was nervous to watch it at
    first, but gave it a chance and ordered it with Blockbuster @Home from DISH. It
    helped that it was so easy to get it delivered in the mail, or that I could
    exchange it in the store if I was feeling impatient. I loved the darker tone to
    the movie, and that the story followed the comics more closely. It will be interesting
    to see how much Mary Jane will be featured in this movie. The fact that she is
    being introduced also seems to foreshadow the path that these movies plan to