Original ‘Prometheus’ Script Offers More ‘Alien’

Interested in seeing what Jon Spaihts had in mind for the Alien prequel before Ridley Scott and Damon Linelof came aboard and made Prometheus? Well, now you can satiate your curiosity by reading Spaihts’ original script for yourself by clicking here.

The entire thing was leaked online by the website Prometheus Movie, and Spaihts himself confirmed that it is legit via his Twitter page.

So any big differences? I read the first 30 pages of the draft called Alien: Engineers and it kind of follows the same beats as Prometheus with the introduction of a pair of scientists seeking the origins of life on Earth, the attachment of elderly Weyland to the mission, and the introduction of company woman Vickers and the android David. Others who have hear the script, say that’s a perfectly serviceable monster movie, complete with more throwbacks to Alien including facehuggers and chestbursters.

Give ‘er a read and let us know what you think. Is this the version of Prometheus you rather would have seen? Sound off below.

Source: Blastr

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