Arrow has had itself a pretty solid start. It’s not perfect, but it’s proved to be an interesting take on DC‘s emerald archer and I believe has been a pleasant surprise for comic book fans and non-fans alike. Sure, he’s never referred to as Green Arrow but rather, The Hood, which is a little irritating, but there have been plenty of winks and nods to classic DC lore to calm the nerd rage.

We learned last week Count Vertigo would be joining the cast as a, “truly scary and nightmarish,” villain early next year, and there was a lot of speculation this would turn out to John Barrowman’s mysterious “Well-Dressed Man.” Nope! Because today TVLine reported Fringe‘s Seth Gabel has been cast as Vertigo. It’s still unclear how like his comic book counterpart he’ll be, but we do know his appearance coincides with a new party drug, called Vertigo, hitting Starling City.

Speaking of all the changes, something they’ve amped up on Arrow has been the casualty count. The Hood kills, and it’s not like Green Arrow never did, but it’s happening far more frequently in Starling City than it ever did in Star City. Oliver Queen himself, Stephen Amell recently spoke to SFX Magazine and was asked why his hero is also a killer?

The central character of all the great shows on television, and I don’t list these names to draw comparisons, but as an example – Tony Soprano, Walter White, Don Draper – these are all incredibly flawed people that do regrettable things, terrible things, unforgivable things. But as long as they’re pursuing an overall goal, and as long as they engage the audience, that’s why those shows resonate. I’ve always wanted to play somebody who was unflinching, who set up for something and followed through with it. That’s why we have to kill people on the show, because he’s trying to clean up the city. To think that there wouldn’t be collateral damage, that would be farcical.

I think he raises a good point, shouldn’t our heroes be more realistic and flawed? This way they can be more relatable, and just maybe, their heroic actions will appear more heroic in contrast. I don’t know, just throwing some thoughts out there, but I know the high kill count on Arrow did catch me off guard at first.

Sources: Green Arrow TV, MTV’s Splash Page

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