Bryan Singer must be mad busy these days, as he’s prepping one movie for release next summer, and he’s getting ready to go into production on his return to a huge franchise film.

Let’s get the one no one cares about out of the way first: Jack and the Giant Killer. (Just kidding! Maybe.) When the trailer for Jack was released a little while ago, it included precious little (coherent) footage of what the giants themselves look like. Well, Singer’s tweeted some shots from the editing room, as the team edits together the next trailer which is said to be attached to either Rise of the Guardians or The Hobbit or both. Let’s take a look:

As to the news you really want, X-Men: Days of Future Past, Singer tweeted out some further (telling?) details, including:

  • Canada! Yes, the X-Men are returning to Canada (where the first three X-films were shot) as Montreal has been selected as the film’s location.
  • Singer and screenwriter Simon Kinberg are now working on the script. Kinberg, you will recall, was one of the screenwriters of X-Men: The Last Stand. Take from that what you will.
  • Louise Mingenbach will return as costume designer for DOFP. She also did costumes on the first X-Men film. So are we going to go back to the basic black leather look. Interesting?

So what do you think of those apples, Bastards?

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