We’ve known for a little while HBO‘s Game of Thrones was returning at the end of March, and as you can see on this newly released teaser poster it is the very end. We can venture back to Westeros on Sunday, March 31st at, I don’t know, maybe 10pm. There’s no official word on that yet.

But y’know, as teaser posters for Game of Thrones go, this one’s pretty boring. Last year had the hand thrusting a crown in the air, or there was the one with Ned Stark’s head on a pike. This is just a marble wall with numbers on it. Woo-hoo. I mean, the swords are a nice touch, but otherwise? Yawn.

Still doesn’t dampen my excitement for the return of Game of Thrones. How about you?

Source: Game of Throne‘s Official Twitter

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