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Above: Why, Hello Daryl Dixon. [Deviant Geek Girl]

Officially, she’s a Steampunk Poison Ivy, personally I’m thinking more Saloon Girl Poison Ivy, but either way – SEXY. Photographed by Anna Fisher via the Cosplay Blog.

Fan of Fringe? Like what Science did with Firefly once they began rerunning the series? Y’know, the added features and eventual anniversary special? On Tuesday, November 20th they’ll begin airing Season 1, that night the two-hour premiere and next episode, followed by a Season 1 marathon on November 23rd through November 24th.

But wait, there’s more! After that Fringe will continuing airing Season 2, Tuesday nights 8-11pm, on November 27th. It’ll also include examinations of phenomena,  “such as time travel, dream sharing and parallel universes with the short-form series, “Science of Fringe”. Plus, star John Noble will serve as host for the weekly airings of Fringe! How is it the Science channel is becoming the home of some of our best science fiction?

This can also apply to those midnight movies, too. [Dorkly]

AWK-WARD! [Cracked]


I’d like to stress Swoozie‘s hilarious anecdote of how turning his girlfriend into a gamer went horribly awry isn’t true of all gamer girls. I mean, shit gets freaky in this video. [Geek Tyrant]

Clueless Gamer is a bit by Conan O’Brian where he plays the latest video games. And it’s hilarious, because no one has funnier commentary than Conan. This round he’s playing Hitman and I almost peed myself laughing. I really had zero interest in Hitman, but now it looks like funniest game out there.

Freddy Wong goes on vacation. Things go down just about how you’d expect. Especially once plan, Far Cry Vacation is enacted.

I guess because they could, these announcers on EPSN’s NFL Sunday Kickoff smashed as many Princess Bride references into their half hour show as possible. It’s priceless. [Buzzfeed]


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