Hello, boys and girls, and welcome to another righteously raunchy installment of Ask the Bastards, the weekly feature where you, the readers, get to ask us, the staff of Nerd Bastards, anything you want about nerddom. This week we’re big on TV and movies (as usual), and we’re talking the year in review. What do the Bastards think about 2012 cinema as a whole? Find out after the jump.

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What are the bastards top 5 favorite TV shows currently? -Matthew S.

(In no particular order) Sons Of Anarchy, Breaking Bad, Mad Men, The Big Bang Theory, The Walking Dead – Those are the ones currently in production that I watch religiously. Breaking Bad is some of the best television in the last 20 years in my humble opinion. Oh shit, how did I forget Game of Thrones? Gotta throw that one in there. – Mark Poynter

I actually don’t watch much TV – I have lists and lists of shows that I need to watch and it takes me fuckin’ forever to get around to watching them because I end up marathoning them when they’re 3787162 seasons long.  Anyway, at the moment I’ve got: The Big Bang Theory, Once Upon A Time, and Doctor Who that I’m actually going out of my way to follow.  – Chris D.

Mad Men, Breaking Bad, Community, Doctor Who, Game of Thrones. – Jason Tabrys

Right now it’s Fringe, The Mentalist, Arrow, Criminal Minds and The Big Bang Theory. They’re the shows I never try to miss in a week, and this list, of course, changes as shows go on and off hiatus. – Adam A. Donaldson

Currently I’m watching The Walking Dead, Arrow, am catching up on Bob’s Burgers on Netflix, – it’s a damn funny show I highly recommend – and am desperately awaiting the return of Doctor Who and Game of Thrones. But the show I’m really obsessing over at the moment is Once Upon a Time. Honestly, it’s a little embarrassing how into that show I am. – Sarah Moran

The top 5 shows, huh? Well, I suppose if the apocalypse happened and I got hooked up with one of those nut jobs from Doomsday Preppers, and lived the rest of my days in a bunker, here’s the top 5 shows I couldn’t live without. Psych, Games of Thrones, Doctor Who, Breaking Bad and Community. – Luke Gallagher

Currently, I’m heavy on The Walking Dead, Doctor Who (especially now that I know my fiancee is a converted Whovian) Supernatural, Elementary and some good old Gundam Wing anime. I would have had Partners in this, but it went the way of the Twinkie. –Nick Bungay

Breaking Bad, Game of Thrones, Doctor Who, Parks and Recreation and Fringe (the final season is going some very interesting places). Honorable mention to Mad Men, The Walking Dead, Raising Hope (a very, very underrated show) and Community. – Matthew Jackson

I’m right up there with Sarah about obsessing over Once Upon a Time. It’s better than Grimm in my opinion. I obviously watch The Walking Dead. Fringe’s last season is amazing but heartbreaking. There’s also The Big Bang Theory and even though it’s not on television, season 4 of Misfits is airing every Monday night on Hulu Plus and I always watch that. – Regina Lizik

Alright…so your my news source for all my nerd habits. Where do your sources come from, what sites/forums/magazines do you guys look to to write your satisfyingly nerdy articles? – Frank S.

We’ve got this big group of screens on one wall at the Nerd Bastards office, it’s just like the monitor screens in the Justice League Hall Of Justice. There’s also that helmet that Luke (Who’s office nickname is “The Professor”) puts on with all those wires and cords connecting it to the Internet. That’s why he shaves his head . . . better reception. – Mark Poynter

Mark’s description is pretty legit. He just forgot about the hand-off of information I get from a little person, in a trench coat, that I meet weekly in a shady parking garage. Joking aside, we’re ripping headlines from a variety of online sources: Slashfilm, Geektyrant, Blastr, Comingsoon, Screenrant, io9, Screenjunkies, Collider, Toplessrobot, Bleedingcool, Comicbookmovie, Cinemablend,  LationReview, TheMarySue, Heatvision, Geekologie, Nerd Approved and MOAR! –Luke Gallagher

The Universe sends them all our way.  – Chris D.

I don’t really write many news articles, mostly interviews and opinion pieces, but I can tell you the sites I like to read. io9, AV Club, Film School Rejects, CBR, Bleeding Cool, Vulture, Mental Floss and Badass Digest. – Jason Tabrys

I enjoy a lot of what I read at The Mary Sue and io9. Satisfies my need for femi-nerdy and science-nerdy news. – Sarah Moran

Well, my day job is over at Blastr (I’m really only a features contributor here these days), so I’m a NerdBastards news source myself. Other than that, you find some really interesting stuff if you read the Hollywood trades (THR & Variety) closely. – Matthew Jackson

I spend a lot of time checking out social networks and seeing what’s happening in geek culture and news via various feeds. Obviously, there are the standard sites like Bleeding Cool, Toplessrobot, i09, AV Club, Mental Floss, The Mary Sue, etc… but sometimes you can glean more information from social conversations and find new angles for stories. Plus things tend to pop up on Twitter or Reddit before they show up on a news site. –Regina Lizik

Why hasn’t Peter Parker suffered a complete mental breakdown? – Nichlas A.

That wouldn’t sell comics or movie tickets ??? – Mark Poynter

Something to do with spider DNA.  Or because wearing a tight-ass suit is a breakdown in itself.  – Chris D.

My guess is he compartmentalizes well. Also, considering the number of comic books he appears in on a monthly basis, my back-up theory is that he’s just too damn busy to let the bastards get him down. (Pun intended). – Adam A. Donaldson

This is going to sound messed up, but here’s my theory: Parker has already had a breakdown and he’s imagining everything he’s ever done while institutionalized. Sounds far fetched, but how else do you explain how Peter managed to get a beautiful blonde and a smoking red head and still maintain some semblance of sanity? –Nick Bungay

Aunt May’s meat loaf. – Matthew Jackson

Where besides SDCC & NYCC can we meet hot nerdy girls into comic books, sci fi movies & video games? William P.

They’re actually quite common.  Most of my female friends fit that bill and they’re all out doing normal, every day things.  Maybe start striking up conversations at the local comic book shop or the cafe or movie theater, etc.  – Chris D.

Library, there’s good women there and church, they’re good girls. – Jason Tabrys

I found that exploring local libraries works well too, but it never hurts check the local tattoo shops in town. You’d be surprised how many women are into nerdy things that tattoo for a living. –Nick Bungay

Jason, I actually met my hot nerdy girl at a library. She runs the place. Good advice. – Matthew Jackson

Hot nerdy girls are everywhere hiding in plain sight. We’re like ninjas. The best way to find us is to talk to a regular girl and see if she shares your interest. If you have trouble talking to girls then strike up conversations online via the various nerdy communities that are out there. Goodreads might be a great place to start – since I think the modern nerdy girl spends more time online than at the library, though I do love a good library. – Regina Lizik

Now that the years nearly over, do the Bastards consider 2012 a good or bad year for geek cinema- Jan R.

Not a bad year, The Avengers is right up there at the top and soon The Hobbit will be out. That’s a big year for nerdy movie needs. What I’m really disappointed about is that Dredd didn’t do better. I love the character and enjoyed the movie, but I expect that it’s poor box office will kill any chances for a big budget follow-up that I would love to see, the “Death Judges”. – Mark Poynter

It was a pretty good year.  The Dark Knight Rises was also a big one.  I was pleasantly surprised by The Amazing Spider-Man, as well.  It was a year that seemed to me like the box office was primarily focused on nerd movies – although, it could very well be because that’s all I paid attention to, myself.  – Chris D

I wouldn’t say 2012 was a bad year, just a disappointing one. We had some of the most anticipated movies of all time (Avengers, Dark Knight Rises, Prometheus, The Amazing Spider-Man, The Hunger Games, Judge Dredd, John Carter) and majority of them failed to meet expectations. Films like The TDR and Prometheus have a lot of merit in terms of style and scale, but were horribly flawed in story. Hunger Games and John Carter weren’t bad, but I consider good films to have high rewatchability factor, and these decidedly are not. Amazing Spider-Man, now that was the worst movie of the year, and possibly the worst iteration of Spidey yet. You can check out my rant on the film HERE. Best movie of the year goes to The Avengers. That was spectacle in the grandest sense of the word, and a film that captures the essence of what makes the Marvel Universe great. Best surprise of the year, was Judge Dredd. It was a near-perfect combination of action, violence, humor, justice, and THE LAWWWW! – Luke Gallagher

I think the disappointments like Prometheus, John Carter and Amazing Spider-Man overshadow what’s been a very good year for nerd cinema. Obviously, The Avengers was an incredible success on all counts, but there’s many great examples from the last 10 and a half months, from wide-releases like The Hunger Games, Cabin in the Woods and Skyfall to indies like The Moth Diaries, Looper and The Raid. There were also small studio films like Chronicle and Dredd 3-D, the later of which, yes, didn’t make a lot of money, but I’ll be damned if it isn’t a good movie. I’ve been already thinking about doing a Top 10 Nerdy Films of 2012 article like I did last year, and I can already tell you, there’s going to be some tough choices putting that together. – Adam A. Donaldson

Let’s see, we got The Avengers, The Dark Knight, Looper, and we’re getting The Hobbit. Also, I think we’re too hard on Prometheus, John Carter and The Amazing Spider-Man just because they’re not masterpieces. Take all that and add in interesting under-the-radar stuff like Safety Not Guaranteed and I think we got a great year. – Matthew Jackson

Now that most Marvel comics come with a code for a digital copy, will redeeming that code make the future value of the comic go down? Or am I just being paranoid/OCD? – Nicholas B.

I don’t think so. The most likely outcome is that the print run number of comics will go down, which will increase the demand and price of those issues later on the secondary collectors market. Look at the popular comics that started with small print runs, those comics always go up in price compared to those comics that have huge print runs. – Mark Poynter

I would say that the proliferation of digital copies will make comic books a boutique market, but the fact of the matter is that comic books are already a boutique market. I, for one, have never got on board with the reading books, papers and magazines on devices like the Kindle, and the iPad, but a friend of mine who’s a film editor and cinematographer said to me that he likes them because he can carry several technical manuals with him all stored on one, light-weight device. Comic book culture will also be a collector’s cutlure, meaning actual physical books. But the digital copies that come with will mean that the same collector has a way of taking his or her books wherever they go. And that ain’t not bad. (Incidentally, thanks for not submitting any questions related to Star Wars Episode VII this week.) – Adam A. Donaldson

First off, this better not be me writing to myself from the future and second, using the code means you are in fact diminishing the value of the comic. You’re redeeming a code that is usually -from what I’ve purchased- hidden behind a peel-away sticker. I used to work in print so I know the value of seeing something in perfect condition, if a comic is still in “mint” condition it should mean everything is untouched and that includes the code. Also if you know who’s going to win anything important in 2013 help a brother out, maybe send me back an almanac. –Nick Bungay

Digital comics are changing all sorts of things, but the people who would actually buy your hypothetically valuable comic don’t care if a pdf file exists of the same thing. They want the physical book, so that’s not what you need to worry about. The problem with comics being potentially valuable now is more about how people perceive comics (“I better buy this #1, because it could be worth money someday.”), so worry about that. – Matthew Jackson

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