Ang Lee Says Bygones RE: His 2003 ‘Hulk’ Movie

So yeah, I know (nearly) everyone out there hated the 2003 movie version of Hulk directed by Ang Lee. I didn’t, but it’s more or less universally-acclaimed that it was terrible. Regardless, Ang Lee broached the subject recently in an interview with Vulture about his latest movie, Life of Pi.

The ambitious project, based on the best-selling novel by Yann Martel, involves a lot of visual effects work and CG, especially considering that the main characters include a tiger, a zebra, a hyena and an orangutan. According to Lee, his work on Hulk gave him the ground work and practical experience he need to make Pi. He also talked about his reaction to Mark Ruffalo‘s Hulk performance in this past summer’s The Avengers, as well as a, uh, reconsideration of the work he did with the character almost 10 years ago.

I learned quite a bit about CG from The Hulk, and I wouldn’t have been able to do Life of Pi without that. But it’s easier to create an animal, because there exists a good reference — so a tiger or a hyena is easier than a 2,000-pound rage monster. The hardest thing to do is the weight, not the skin, because there’s no reference for something that size that is agile. And the technology’s improved, so you can have more details with Mark’s Hulk. My problem is that I took the whole thing too seriously. I should have had more fun with it, instead of all the psychodrama! [Laughs.]

So there! Let’s let bygones be bygones now that Ang Lee’s admitted that he dropped the ball on Hulk. You can now go back to your Michael Bay bashing, which is undoubtedly already in progress.

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  • Master Blaster

    Nah, Ang is still number 2 on my shit list.

  • Mike

    My biggest issues with HULK were down to the script, not really the director. I mean, it didn’t look great, but that was miles behind the horrible story.

  • Irondouche

    Michael Bay is terrible. So are the new pop up ads on this site. WTH nerdbastards? WTH?

  • I for one didn’t hate it… the second time I watched it. First time, I snoozed through the movie, something I NEVER do. then, after a few years, I gave it another try and was surprised at how much I ultimately liked it and it became one of my favourite comic book to film adaptation. I liked the psychological aspects that were brought to the story, moreso than its sequel which, to me, didn’t do it at all. I liked the acting, but Liv Tyler felt like the obligatory bimbo and the editing felt like it the story was dramatically shortened. Nevertheless, they finally got it much more right in Avengers 🙂

  • Nikhil

    Ang Lee, Pls make Hulk 2 (Eric Bana)