Huntress Suits Up for Her ‘Arrow’ Debut

In next week’s Arrow, “Muse of Fire” – no episode this week due to the holiday – we’ll finally meet Helena Bertinelli, The Huntress. In these recently released photos we get our first chance to check out her crime-fighting duds, and I must say, they do not disappoint.

Number one thing I love, she’s covered! No belly window here, thank you very much. Plus, I love the hints of purple they promised would be included. Overall, I think it’s a killer look with a great silhouette. And look, she’s wearing an actual mask as opposed to Oliver’s silly face paint.

These particular shots come from Jessica de Gouw‘s second episode, “Vendetta,” but I hope we’ll be seeing her suit up in “Muse” as well. What do guys think? Do you like the look?

Source: MTV’s Splash Page

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  • Lee Riley

    Lets Hope She has a spare mask in her coat for Oliver!

  • WadeWWilson87

    These pictures definitely make The Huntress seem
    like an updated Christopher Nolan DC character. I know of a few friends I work with
    at DISH who won’t be happy with the more versatile look and lack of purple.
    With so much action on the show, I get nostalgic for the show between episodes,
    so I’m saving this entire season to my DISH Hopper to help battle the nostalgia.
    I’ve been able to save every show I want to watch this season, since I have a
    DVR with a 2TB hard drive. Anyways, cheers to The Huntress and whoever else makes
    it to Starling City.

    • Lee Riley

      Stop Bragging! lol

  • Oh yeah nice, just make every character out there wear a god damn black suit and a one small detail in representation of their original costume and you’ve got most current film superheroes.