One of the only official bits of news regarding the reemergence of the Star Wars franchise is that Michael Arndt (Toy Story 3) is going to be putting together the script for Episode VII.  But that still leaves two more movies, right?  At least if Disney plans on carrying through with their designs to drop a new trilogy on us.  And it looks like they may be trying to remedy that situation as early as possible.  According to “in-the-know industry insiders”, Disney has locked in Lawrence Kasdan and Simon Kinberg to tackle Episodes VIII and IX.

In case your Star Wars trivia isn’t quite up to par, Kasdan is well known as a veteran of the series, being the guy that penned Empire Strikes Back and Return of the Jedi all those years ago.  A pretty straightforward choice for the new trilogy, it would seem.  Kinberg has his own pile of geek street-cred, being as how he wrote the scripts to X-Men: First Class and its sequel.

You can’t go wrong by grabbing up people that have already proven they can write good flicks and entertain nerds at the same time.  Add to that the fact that they’ll be involved in the production as well and the franchise appears to be in capable hands.

Personally, I’m happy to see these two on board.  Definitely moreso than Arndt, whose writing credits are mediocre at best.  Disney grabbing up a couple of guys like this shows that they’re looking to both keep the franchise close to its roots as well as bring about a good product that appeals to today’s generation of fans.  We will never have something that pleases everyone, but at least we may be able to avoid the nightmares that were Lucas’s prequels.

Anyone else wanna sound off on this one?  Good idea?  Bad idea?  Who gives a flying fuck?


Thanks to /film for the heads-up.

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