As part of the Marvel NOW shake-up, The Amazing Spider-Man will wrap up with issue #700 to be released late next month, but it appears that the series isn’t going to end quietly. Spoilers lay after the jump…

In today’s Amazing Spider-Man #698 (which was tragically under-ordered, according to writer Dan Slott), the story arc “Dying Wish” begins with a day in the life of Peter Parker and ends with the revelation that… SPOILER ALERT! the villainous Doc Ock has taken over Peter’s mind and has all his memories while the consciousness of Peter is in the dying body of the eight-armed menace.

So what’s going to happen next? Is Spidey about to lose the ultimate battle – to natural causes while Doc Ock gets to walk into the sunset with Spider-powers, a slot on the Avengers, and the chance to share a bed with Mary Jane Watson? I guess we’ll find out for certain when Superior Spider-Man #1 hits the shelves early next year.

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