Farewell Chevy! Chase Expelled From ‘Community’

After a lot of on-set animosity and racial epitaphs it seems that Chevy Chase‘s reign of terror at Community is coming to an end.

Deadline is reporting that Chase, Community’s network NBC, and their studio Sony, have reached a mutual agreement to part ways just as the series’ fourth season is wrapping up production. As a result, Chase will be MIA from at least a couple of episodes from season 4, but the season has been shot out of order so it might not necessarily be the final two episodes of the season 4.

Of course, through Chase’s storied career, including a run as one of the initial cast members of Saturday Night Live and successful comedies like the Vacation and Caddyshack movies, he’s had numerous run-ins and incidents of *ahem* unprofessional behavior. In the case of Community, Chase had disagreements about the direction of his character Pierce with creator and showrunner Dan Harmon, who was let go by NBC at the end of last season. More recently, Chase got caught up in controversy for saying the n-word in front of African-American cast mates Yvette Nicole Brown and Donald Glover while once again making a fuss about his character.

If you’re asking what Chase is going to do now, I’ll answer: try and avoid returning to obscurity. As for the fate of Community, the new season premieres on February 7th, and it will be decided sometime after that.

So can we have Dan Harmon back now that Chase is gone? And what older comedian might Community recruit if it comes back for a fifth season? Sound off below.

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  • Figures. He finally gets something right after all these years and he screws it up. Maybe if his head were as big as his ego, he could look in the mirror to see what a fool he is!

  • Natalie

    Not overly surprised.

    (PS: “racial epithets”, not “racial epitaphs”. /endeditornazimode

  • joker

    Ha, racial epitaphs….”Here lies a dead chink”

  • ANY other surviving members of the Not Necessarily Ready for Prime Time Players could fill his shoes in an instant. Look at how well old “Earl” is doing over on Two Broke Girls. How about an old Monty Python cast member? How about Eddy Izzard since they screwed us with the Munsters reboot? There are LOADS of greats who can replace Chevy’s character without all the drama.

  • wisequack


  • I think you mean “Racial Epithets”…