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You think your heroes are so tough? Let’s see them take down an over sized dragon without many of their signature tools of their success, just an giant sized sword like Wonder Woman here did. Batman might have been able to do this, but in thigh-high boots it would have been really disturbing. [Art of Sam Howard]

Hit the jump for Link, GI Joe kicking Cobra ass and MOAR.

Hey, listen! Something tells me that Nicolas Rix has something awful planned for our little hero Link, judging by the ominous looking dungeon it’s not going to be good. If all else fails Link can just restart from his last save so that has to account for something, right? [Behance]

Originally known as the 1884 painting “La Bourrique” by William-Adolphe Bouguereau, this originally had this young lady riding a young boy which sounds all kinds of wrong. Thanks to some unknown hero, the young boy has been replaced with a much cooler AT-AT cause, you know, boys are icky. [iGeektrooper]

Nothing to see here folks, just a couple of GI Joe’s not taking shit from Cobra thanks to the steady hand of Matteo Scalera. Actually it’s a little more adult then the cartoon, just look at that Cobra solider’s head, he’s rocking an arrow through his skull! Still better then seeing Dwayne Johnson though. [Comics Alliance]

Art nouveau has been pretty popular with some artists when it comes to Disney Princesses, but there’s lots of heroines out there that deserve their moment too. So artist kishokahime decided that this was exactly what these feminine heroes need and put together twelve awesome art nouveau pieces for the ladies of non-royal blood. If you would like you can even buy a print and rub Disney’s face in it. [The Mary Sue]

Sherlock…as the Doctor? Before you fan boys and girls start freaking out about Benedict Cumberbatch replacing Matt Smith this is only a awesome piece of fan art by Alice X. Zhang and Smith is staying the Doctor for the foreseeable future. It is a pretty kick ass concept though with “The Fall of the Eleventh”, Steven Moffat would be wise to borrow that title one day. [Geek Tyrant]

The women in James Bond movies are sexy, but nerds prefer a little more comic book in their ladies so Bill Walko put together this sweet set of Marvel‘s best. Appropriately pairing each hero to her Bond film Bill has put together one of a kind mash ups for both Bond fans and adolescent teenagers trapped in the bodies of me (IE: myself). Thanks Bill. [Sarah, This is]

He might be a kid, but don’t let that make you take Megaman likely. Mark-Ito has put together an awesome tribute to our little Capcom friend after a long day of shooting up Dr. Wily and his army of robotic cannon fodder. [Deviant Art]

We’ve featured the work of Lynne Yoshii her before, but this is one of those ones that was too cool not to pass up showing. Based on the famous revival of Gwen Stacy towards the end of The Amazing Spider-Man #144, Lynne put together a special cover detailing the minute after Parker nearly webbed his suit. [Deviant Art]

I’d hate to say it, but it looks like the only one getting a great deal out of the business partnership between Disney and Lucasfilm is Jabba the Hutt right now. While we have to wait till 2015 for another Star Wars film he’s showered in Disney Princesses thanks to thecreatorhd, the only unhappy one of the bunch is Leia. You would too if ten other women starting biting your style. [Geek Tyrant]

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