Many have wondered if Man of Steel, the new Superman film directed by Zack Snyder and produced by Christopher Nolan, might the beginning of studio Warner Bros. building a similar cinematic universe for DC Comics characters that Marvel has for their films, all leading to a potential Justice League movie.

Snyder and Co. have been pretty mum on the implications, but in a new interview with the The New York Post (via Comic Book Movie) Snyder says that there’s nothing to suppose that Man of Steel couldn’t kick off a shared movie universe leading to Justice League.

“I don’t know how ‘Justice League’ is going to be handled. Honestly, I don’t. But ‘The Man of Steel’ exists, and Superman is in it. I don’t know how you’d move forward without acknowledging that.”

On the flip side, Snyder says that the approach he and Nolan took was to focus on this film, and not worry about the implications of sequels and spin-offs.

“We approach the film as a single endeavor. There are a lot of gears that have to turn in the world of commerce and the world of the mythology we create to facilitate more adventures for this character. We’ll see what happens.”

And because no superhero movie interview is complete without addressing some bit of minutia that only nerds seem to invest an exorbitant amount of time and energy in, Snyder talked about Superman’s new threads (via Geek Tyrant):

“The costume was a big deal for me, and we played around for a long time. I tried like crazy to keep the red briefs on him. Everyone else said, ‘You can’t have the briefs on him.’ I looked at probably 1,500 versions of the costumes with the briefs on. If you look at the costume, it’s very modern, but the relationship to the original costume is strong. You come onto a project like this, and you hear about modernization and you hear about bringing things forward to today, and all you can do is hope that it’s going to look cool and different from anything you’ve seen before.”

Man of Steel comes out in theaters everywhere next summer.

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  • I really hope this ties into JLA with JLG taking over as Batman and joining in as well. It just seems too weird to me to have the Nolan Batman trilogy, which is so well known and loved, and Man of Steel be a separate thing. It would be really smart for them to make this universe now like Marvel did.

  • pipes_46

    The Nolan trilogy spans some dozen years or so. Who says Justice League has to happen AFTER TDKR?