Many of you may remember the 1995 film Waterworld, assuming you haven’t blocked it out of your mind.  This old flick had Kevin Costner (then an actual star) drinking his own pee and doing battle with an evil Dennis Hopper while sailing along on an Earth that was completely flooded.  And though the original was less than a masterpiece and did not-so-good at the box office, it looks like SyFy wants to resurrect the property and perhaps make a few bucks.

They’re currently in talks with Universal to get a hold of the Waterworld rights.  If the deal goes through, they’d be putting something together in either a movie format or possibly even an ongoing television series.  So, it looks like we may see more post-apocalypse-on-water action in the near future.  Hopefully the end result is better than the last one.

Personally, I think a TV show could work, even if the sets did look pretty much the same from episode to episode.  What do you in NerdReader land think?  Wanna see some more water being all over the world and stuff?  Or let this mediocre movie rest in peace?


Thanks to ComingSoon for the heads-up.

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  • Lumpy

    Best movie ever! Make into an epic show immediately!

  • The idea of the the world covered in water was interesting, but they failed on so many other details. A world that has been covered with water long enough for humans to evolve and have gills wouldn’t still have gasoline or cigarettes. Considering the stars have lead humans around the globe for centuries, there is no excuse for the one tiny crack of land to go completely undiscovered by all but one couple and their kid. Plus, I always thought that anyone with gills would end up getting swamped with people wanting to breed with them. I know I’d want my kids to be able to survive a planet comprised solely of water. If Waterworld got resurrected, it would need to be put together much intelligently or it’ll be a huge waste of time and money.